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For a limited time only we are offering free memberships to anyone that submits a picture of a REALLY hot girl with a fansign saying "I LOVE REALTEENPICTURECLUB.COM" or if they are asian "I LOVE ASIANTEENPICTURECLUB.COM" or if they are latina/ebony "I LOVE EBONYTEENPICTURECLUB.COM" :D The girl MUST be good looking, the girl MUST be over 18, the girl can be nonnude but the picture must be provocative :D If we use your picture/video on our tour we WILL give you a free membership :) If we dont use your picture then you probably wont hear from us :P
Note: I am very good at photoshopping, I WILL be able to tell if you have just copied an existing fansign and written our name on it :)

If you aren't here looking for a free membership (maybe you are a member already) or you would just like to submit pictures of your girlfriend (or yourself if you are a hot female!) then you can upload pictures and videos here. Feel free to zip or rar your pictures/movies into an archive for submission if you use a password be sure to give the password :P We all love hot pictures here and would love for you to submit your very best! Lets build something really great and make this site even better!
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